Recorded live in Masthuggskyrkan, Gothenburg - Sweden, August 2012 and in Studio Brewhouse - Sweden, March 2013.

Recorded by Per Sjösten, Sound Processing

 Mixing and editing Per Sjösten, Jonas Simonson, Terje Isungset.

Mastering Per Sjösten

Photos Peter Lloyd.

Design Jocke Wester

Executive producers Per Sjösten and Bo Ejeby

Released by Footprint Records 2014.

Released by All Ice Records 2020


1. Silkeskastanj Mats Edén

2. Silent folk Terje Isungset

3. Fundrar/Hurven Freely after Anders Rosén. Jonas Simonson/Trad. Sweden

4. Offerdalshalling Jonas Simonson/Groupa

5. Marsch på loftet Jonas Simonson

6. Elvespringar Terje Isungset

7. Kryptorp Mats Edén

8. Flugu Terje Isungset

9. Dimma Mats Edén

10. Halling from Elsewhere Trad./Groupa


GROUPA Silent Folk


Jonas Simonson flutes
Terje Isungset percussion, jew’s harp

Mats Edén fiddles

We’ve kept company a long time. Laughing, talking. Being silent and being loud together.

From silence springs sound, from all that was and all that will be.

Moments flicker past but there will always be a new “now”.

Condensed listening and concentrated playing.

Preferring to subtract elements, highlighting simplicity, subtlety – and occasionally layer on bursts of sound.

Three musicians melding together, transforming into an instrument gathering impressions and playfully processing them.



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