All Ice 1925.


Broen Studio - Bergen/Anders Bjelland: mix.


Duper Studio: mastering.


Cover photo by Terje Isungset (taken in an ice cave underneath Jostedalsbreen, Norway).


Idea, music & concept: Terje Isungset.


All Ice Records © 2019  -


Terje Isungset: Ocean Memories.


Recorded at Svalbard on May the 2nd 2019. Location: by the ocean and nearby a glacier north of Longyearbyen. Supported by 11 degrees below celcius and a gentle midnight sun.

The audio recording was a part of this Greenpeace video:


Terje Isungset: iceofon, whistling & ice horn.


Åshild Brunvoll: ice cello.


Maria Dahlin: ice percussion.


Andreas Hesselberg Hatzikiriakidis: ice horn.


Bill Covitz: ice carver.









Digital streaming: