Recorded in Grieghallen, Bergen ,Norway 18–21 June 2007.

Mixed by Pytten and Terje Isungset.

Sound engineer: Pytten.

Produced by GROUPA.

Excecutive producers: Bo Ejeby & Per Sjösten.

Photos by Kristin Lidell .

Cover/art work by Eva Karlsson.

Mastering by Per Sjösten, Sound Processing Studio,

1.VECKAN The week / Jonas Simonson

2.MØRGODØGG Morning Dew / Terje Isungset

3.PSALM / HELLBERGS MINNE Mats Hellberg in memoriam / Trad efter XX / Mats Edén

4.DEN TYSTE The Quiet One / Mats Edén

5.DEN VACKRE The Lovely One / Mats Edén

6.GRAMMISHALLING Award Halling / POLSKA FRÅN SMÅLAND / LAUSSLÅTTEN /Mats Edén / Trad Småland / Trad efter Eirik Toresgaard

7.FROST / CHOKLADPOJKARNA The Chocolate Boys /Mats Edén

8.GLASSTRUTEN The Ice-cream Cone / Jonas Simonson

9.LILJEKONVALJ Lily-of-the Valley /Mats Edén

10.SKORSVIKEN Trad efter Ånon Egeland

The way the three musicians interact is a musical alloy in which focus on detail creates magnificence. Frost offers the austerity of a winter landscape, the rippling snowmelt, and a warming fire. Frost is not for background noise, it is music that demands to be experienced in peace and quiet. Listened to with concentration, Mats Edén’s brilliant fiddle melodies, Jonas Simonsson’s drifting flute music and Terje Isungset’s innovative percussion form a sound installation in which one can delightfully lose all sense of space and time.


Released by Footprint records - Sweden 2008.

Released by All Ice Records - Norway 2020.




JONAS SIMONSSON: flute, tenor flute, Härjedals flute, bass clarinet.

TERJE ISUNGSET: drums, percussions, jew ́s harps.

MATS EDÉN: fiddle, viola d ́amore, melodeon.


Den vårvinterstungna fjällvinden biter hårt i kinden.
bettet lindras något om man lägger sig på magen, ner i enrisets värmekudde. fjällbäckarnas olika grundtoner rinner stilla samman till ett svagt ackord.
lugnt dricker fågeln bäckens vatten.
i dess öga speglas säljflötens rop,
mungigans stampande och fiolens sträva sång.

The mountain wind heavy with Late Winter nips hard at the cheeks
The bite is somewhat softer if one lays face down in the warm pillow of the junipers
The mountain streams ́ different keynotes flow smoothly together into a faint chord
Leisurely a bird drinks from the stream
In its ́ eye is mirrowed the call of the willow-flute, the stamp of the jew ́s harp and the course song of the violin.



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